Lots of Dock bouncing, slow launches

Steve St-Laurent st-laur at telus.net
Mon Dec 9 22:01:17 PST 2002

Earlier today I asked:
> All of a sudden programs are bouncing a lot in the Dock, i.e. taking a 
> l-o-n-g time to load. I've run Repair Permissions and fsck-ed and 
> everything seems OK. Any ideas here? [Previously happy 10.2.2]

No solution yet but another clue/symptom. Whenever this happens, 
Console shows [xxx=IP address]:
       xx.xxx.xxx.xxx netinfod local[318]: unable to bind to parent - 
RPC: Timed out

Disk Warriored also. Ideas? So far all I've found is some 1993 NextStep 
stuff on NetInfo that seems to relate. TIA
Steve St-Laurent <st-laur at holecomm.ca> <http://www.holecomm.ca>
Hole-in-the-Wall Communications, Vancouver, BC, Canada

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