"The application ShutDown canceled logout"

David B. Holton david at wordforward.com
Sat Dec 14 11:00:57 PST 2002

Every time I shut down my G4 (Jaguar 10.2.2), I get the message "The
application ShutDown canceled logout". I then have to choose "Shut Down"
again, and all (usually) goes smoothly.

I'm quite sure it has to do with Classic, since I don't seem to get the
message if Classic isn't running. But that's rare, since I have it set to
start at login. 

AND, sometimes I actually have to go in and manually stop Classic before I
can shut down at all.

Any ideas what might be the actual cause? And fix? While not debilitating,
this is rather annoying.

(I don't know if it's helpful or related, BUT: whenever Classic starts up, I
get the message "The substitution fonts necessary for Acrobat or ATM Deluxe
are damaged. Please remove them and re-install either software package".
I've done everything I can to remedy that, to no avail.)


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