Apple Mail weirdness

Grégoire Seither gregoire at
Mon Dec 16 16:45:33 PST 2002

Le mardi, 17 déc 2002, à 01:26 Europe/Paris, cricket a écrit :

>> My toddler hit the keyboard while I was reading the message and I 
>> cannot find it anymore...
> Perhaps they hit the Transfer Again keyboard combination? Doing a full 
> mailbox search might help retrieve the message.
> - cricket

No, I did a full search (the message subject contained the word 
tandoori so it was easy to find a search criteria) and the message was 
just gone...

It is not the first time that I notice this, when I hit the delete key, 
some of my messages end up in the Trash folder, but some simply 

A bug ?

I'm on Mac OS X 10.2.2

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