[X Newbies] Jaguar Finder's "Find" Does Not Search the Trash

Jerry Krinock dearjerry at mindspring.com
Mon Dec 16 20:51:14 PST 2002

on 02/12/16 19:46, Gene Huh at gshuh at earthlink.net wrote:

> To search the trash [too], you can set it up as follows: Within the Find
> feature in Jaguar, go to 'Add criteria' and set it up so that is a criterion
> 'visibility: all'.  This will search invisible folders, which WILL include the
> Trash.
This is a good tip, Gene.  I just tested it, and I see that this criteria is
saved through a Finder re-launch.  If it is saved through a logout and
restart, it's a good fix.

Unfortunately only us power users who read this list now know this.  Apple
should fix it so that searches include thet trash by default.


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