[X Newbies] RealAudio

Jerry Krinock dearjerry at mindspring.com
Thu Dec 19 09:26:39 PST 2002

on 02/12/19 04:48, Stephen Foster at foster at pop.ca.inter.net wrote:

> What gives other than the increasing
> unreliability of the 'Real' product? Thanks, Stephen

The latest "RealOne Player",, is working OK for me now.  You have
to sign up for their monthly service to get it, though, although you get the
first 2 weeks free so you can cancel if you want.

I did have a problem which I fixed though.  I had trashed an earlier version
of RealOne Player, and when I clicked on a web link or doubleclicked on a
.rm file, Mac OS 10.2.2 would launch the old version from the trash.
Running Jaguar Cache Cleaner did not help.  Finally fixed it, after finding
it there in the trash, by shredding it using ShredIt X.

(It seems like there should be an easier way!)


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