[X Newbies] Making a bootable CD ????

Albert W D'Amanda aldamanda at comcast.net
Sun Dec 22 09:46:25 PST 2002

On Sunday, December 22, 2002, at 09:45  AM, Mark Gillingham wrote:

>> So how do you go by creating Bootable Mac OS  CDs ?


Did you first perform a Bootup using  the Temporary  Partition to check 
that you indeed had a blessed System Folder installed ?

Here is how I was able to accomplish this task.
  I used a dedicated, "other" drive. A ZIP 100.

1. Inserted a "clean"  Zip  disc in my Zip 100  Drive

2. Using my OS9.2 Apple Installation CD: I did the  basic OS9.2 Install.
This placed a "blessed" system folder ( ~ 55MB) on the ZIP disc;  which 
shows up as a separate Volume  Icon on the desktop( opened up to check 
that the  System, System Resources, Finder Folders had the Mac Happy 
Face Icon in front of them)

3. Moved selected utilities into the Volume

4. Opened up toast 5
a. Selected "Other"
b. Hit Select Button
c. Selected Zip Volume in the Panel  and checked  Bootable Drive and 
unchecked  Optimize on the fly
d. Hit OK. IMPORTANT_Check that  the next panel dialog contains the 
text: ------ bootable drive. This indicates that Toast recognizes that 
there is a valid, blessed System Folder on the Volume to be burned !

e. Hit Burn


B&W Yosemite  // XLR8 G4 500/ 1MB  ZIF // 1024MB RAM
OS X.2.2

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