[X Newbies] 10.2.3 and Drop Down Menus

Birgit Rhoads woodlandogs at earthlink.net
Sun Dec 22 11:59:51 PST 2002

Tom, I updated to 10.2.3.  I just checked  IE & Navigator and the drop down
menus open and stay that way as usual. My only problem was with my
printer...I had to reinstall the software, but that may not have been caused
by the update.


> I updated to 10.2.3 last night.  Today the drop down menus (File, Edit,
> etc)  on both IE and Netscape won't stay dropped down like they used
> to...they bounce right back up.  I can't find the adjustment in either
> or in System Prefs.  Its little things like this that make this user
> crazy!!   Where is the control for this?  "Help" is no help.
> Tom

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