[X Newbies] TCP/IP broken in Classic

Jeff Rothfus saranac.tv at worldnet.att.net
Fri Dec 19 10:18:53 PST 2003

On 12/19/03 11:59 AM you wrote:

>>[1] Native TCP/IP (internet) applications work great when booted into
>>their native OS, either OS 9.2.2 or OS 10.1 --- but I can't get Classic
>>applications (e.g. Claris E-mailer) which work great under OS 9.2.2 to
>>connect to the the internet when running under Classic in OS X.
>i had that problem once. either in beta or in 10.1 i cant remember 
>but here is the solution. boot in 10, open a classic app, and when 
>the classic app is open go to your apple menu and open your control 
>panels apple talk should be on ethernet and tcp/ip should be on 
>eithernet and dhcp.

Ahah!  ... new problem.

When I follow your instructions and open Control Panels under the Classic 
Apple Menu when booted in OS X, AppleTalk is set to Ethernet, but TCP/IP 
complains (loudly).

The resulting dialog box says <quote> "The previously selected connection 
is not available.  The connection has been changed to AppleTalk (MacIP)". 

Then the TCP/IP(Classic) Control Panel will open to display a MacIP 
Control Panel with settings: "Connect via: AppleTalk (MacIP)"  and  
"Configure: Using MacIP Server".

There is no possibility to change the settings.  All drop down menus have 

I can create and save a new Configuration for TCP/IP, but the system will 
only allow me to create a "Manual" setting --- the three drop down 
options for DHCP, etc. are grayed out.

Furthermore, if I the Classic Control Panel it back to TCP/IP and reboot, 
the system again forces the Control Panel back to MacIP and the whole 
deal repeats.

... and of course internet connectivity still doesn't work.

Any idea what's going on??


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