[X Newbies] Mac Mail Question Another One

Anne Keller-Smith earthpigz at earthlink.net
Mon Jul 21 00:01:17 PDT 2003

Ah, html mail.

When my father gets it using OSX and Mail, the pics show up in glorious
color. But when he goes offline, the pics disappear. Why is this? Pics
from some friends are still visible after disconnection, but images in the
Earthlink newsletter appear as little grey squares.

He finds this disconcerting. I assume Mail has no image cache as does
the browser? Some friends' mail also has images that disappear and
become pink or grey squares.

I told him if he really wants these images, take screen shots :@*
But that's just me, doing workarounds as usual.

If I could look at the html code beneath the email messages, I think
I'd know what the problem is. But it doesn't have a View Source option
as do the browsers. Most likely it's that the pics that stay are
attachments and the ones that go are linked from a remote site
but don't actually download to his hard drive.

Dunno why some email would do this because folks download their
mail, disconnect so another family member can use the phone,
and therefore will never see the pictures at all ...

Of course, I never see pictures, because I have Eudora and refuse
to view photos in email!!!

Anne Keller Smith
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