[X Newbies] adding fonts

TheMacintoshLady TheMacintoshLady at earthlink.net
Thu Jul 24 14:11:58 PDT 2003

Florin Alexander Neumann tapped out this message on 7/24/2003 4:14 PM 

>Or you can think of X as a completely new operating 
>system, with some similarities to OS 9 -- and some similarities to 
>Windows, for that matter -- and learn from scratch to do things the OS 
>X way.

Yes I agree about having a font management system which to me seems like 
it would have been a no-brainer for the designers...............however, 
why is it we must celebrate all the things which we hated in Windows?

I have no  users who are not just one individual on a machine or who are 
on networks except for myself, and I am one person with 16 
computers.......so the multi user thing just complicates matters for me.

For example: I just sent one of my web customers a CD full of 
software/updates for her OS 9.2.2 and she gave up saying she could not 
open them. (She is on AOL dialup and it's too slow to get herself the 
necessary stuff like Acrobat Reader and Quick Time so I mailed them to 

Problem was she was clicking and getting application not found. Being an 
AOL user, she never used Stuffit Expander before directly. I did explain 
that she probably would have to drag the .bin files over the application. 
She ended her email with Sorry, thanks but none of it worked.
Now, I KNOW I tested all those files I burned on an OS 9.04 so I know 
they would open on 9.2.2 which has Stuffit 6 on it .........<sigh>
But you see what I am up against? People give up so easily.

This week I have an elderly lady in another state who just ordered a new 
laptop with X on it. What was wrong with her not-so-old gumdrop iMac? 
NOTHING! Except that she repeatedly could not follow simple directions I 
gave her to make right what was wrong or update her system to the max OS, 
applications etc.

Can you see what fun I will  have now when trying to direct her on how to 
unstuff and install and adjust or even FIND files in X???

I dread the thought..... :-(

ON the other hand, I just redid a similar machine for an elderly man, and 
he can't quite understand what I did with it to "make it so fast" or to 
"stop crashing".
(I simply wiped the drive, installed OS 9.1 and made sure all his apps 
were updated and allocated and clearly set on the Launcher for him) He 
has not had trouble since and can follow my directions because I can 
direct him (most of the time -- since elderly people have good days and 
bad with this stuff) to the problem and how to adjust it.

Even when I know what I am looking for in X, sometimes there is a lot of 
fishing around to do and I can go fast until I find what I want, but this 
is sometimes impossible over IMS or the phone..........

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