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Vincent Cayenne vcayenne at mac.com
Sun Jul 27 22:23:00 PDT 2003

On 7/27/03 8:54 PM, "Vincent Cayenne" <vcayenne at mac.com> wrote:

>  Quite a few install have the tendency to disrupt permissions. Chief
>  among these has been any Apple OS update, 102.5-->10.2.6 for example.
>  But many other install have led to issues ranging in impact from
>  catastrophic through bizarre to subtle. It is rare indeed for anyone
>  who's installed more than one or two applicxations to not have a
>  number of corrections made by a Repair Permissions run.

At 12:35 AM -0400 7/28/03, T. Patrick Henebry wrote:
>Then I must be in a league all my own.

No. As I said Repair Permissions will show that some permissions are 
not as they should be. These have not had an impact on the operation 
of your Mac so you don't *have* to repair them.

>  I've been using OS X for over a year
>(first 10.1.x then Jaguar), run multiple updates, installed/removed a ton of
>software, etc. and never had to repair permissions.

Like many others who're in the same fortunate situation. As I said, 
even some of Apple's update have disrupted permissions. In many cases 
this has no adverse impact on use. In some cases it does henceforth 
the need for the facility to correct it.

>I just finished checking and there *are* some the system says are wrong
>which relate to some browser plugins but so long as the system is working OK
>I'm not going to monkey with things.
>So it would appear that the system will run fine with at least some
>incorrect permissions.

Yes. There is a need for the utility but the utility does not *have* 
to be applied unless some trouble makes it advisable...
'tis as said. [Reality is defined by being described]

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