[X Newbies] MacJanitor

T. Patrick Henebry tphenebry at comcast.net
Sun Jul 27 23:13:10 PDT 2003

On 7/28/03 2:00 AM, "James S Jones" <jsjones at mac.com> wrote:

> It isn't a folder. It's in Applications/Utilities. It's called Disk
> Utility. First Aid is one of the functions of Disk Utility.
> As for running it from the install disk, this is not recommended. The
> copy of Disk Utility on the CD is out of date and doesn't use the
> current default permissions profiles.

Ah, the way the other reply was written I went looking for a folder.

On another note,

The text with the First Aid section of Disk Utility is confusing. It says
you need to run from the Install CD to repair a Startup disk. To my mind the
drive I boot from (and in this case the only hard drive in the system *is* a
startup disk. So the way *I* read that I'd have to use the install CD. I
wonder what Apple means by Startup disk??

<ping sound as light bulb appears above head>

In the System Preferences under Startup disk I can choose volume and OS. So
I wander if in this case Startup disk does not refer to the drive, but a
combination of partition and OS? Methinks Apple needs to clarify their

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