Stephen Foster foster at
Mon Jul 28 03:57:03 PDT 2003

>On Sunday, July 27, 2003, at 09:54  PM, T. Patrick Henebry wrote:
>>  Interesting, my copy of Jaguar has no separate Repair Permissions
>>  utility.
>>  However, Disk Utility will do this if I boot from the install CD. This
>>  is a
>>  store bought copy of Jaguar.
>  Jerry Wilson <jerrywilsons at> wrote
>It is in your system "Utilities" folder/Disk Utility/First Aid/.  And
>don't run it from your cd.

While I've never had to repair permissions it isn't an option in 
First Aid in 10.1.5.
I presume I'd find it on the cd if needed? Stephen
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