Entourage crashing in Classic

Charles Martin chasm at mac.com
Fri Jun 6 02:10:29 PDT 2003

> From: Paul Korntheuer <paul at rarefaction.com>
> Which brings me to another question: Apple's Mail or Eudora?

I like them both, but I use Mail primarily because of Apple's kick-ass 
spam filtering.

>  I was bummed to see that Mail lacks the ability to resend an email.
> A very basic feature that many email programs have. What else is it 
> missing?

It's not missing anything -- including that feature!

1. Highlight the sent piece of email.
2. Select "Open as new message" in the File Menu.
3. Hit send.


Q: How many Microsoft programmers does it take to write a great piece 
of software?

A: More!

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