[X Newbies] X on early G3 iMac

Brian Thorpe brithor52 at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 15 05:30:57 PDT 2003

On Friday, June 13, 2003, at 10:45  AM, Chris Walker wrote:

> Hi all,
> A friend is using a tangerine iMac, - maybe the second version out, 
> with
> 6 gig hard drive.  I tried to install OS X on it once but came upon a
> baffling message which I cannot recall now. Does anyone know if this is
> do-able and/or adviseable?  And if so, how?

This is a slot loading iMac, correct?

I've got an original 233Mhz Bondi iMac running 10.2.6. When I 
originally installed 10.2 it turned out that I had to remove one of my 
memory modules or it would not install. It would go thru the process 
very slowly but would never quite finish.

The other possibility as others have stated already, is your firmware 
update. This only effects slot-loading iMacs or at least not the 
tray-loading type.

Here is something I dug up from the days when this issue first came 

You must install iMac Firmware 4.1.9 BEFORE Mac OS X 10.2

See AppleCare  Knowledge Base Document : Article ID 75430  ,11/4/02

If you go to that document , all the info and the  the links to the  
Firmware update download are there

BTW 1.. According to Article , the imac Firmware Update 4.1.9 is 
available on the  Mac OS X Install CD Disc 1

BTW 2. One possible  fix is to "start over" : That is, bootup on the O9 
Installation disc and  reinstall OS9.
  I hope you have backed up all your personal data

Good luck,

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