[X Newbies] Disappearing files

Vincent Cayenne vcayenne at mac.com
Sun Jun 15 16:11:14 PDT 2003

At 1:47p -0400 2003.06.15, TheMacintoshLady wrote:
>There must be some way to fix that within the system like there was on
>9...and I hope it's not reinstall!!!!!!!!!

And perhaps we can also find you a solution for that stuck exclamation key?

As to your dubious point, I can think of many instances of bugs or 
deficiencies in any product which become the target of third-party 
efforts at resolution. Directory repair, file transfer, INIT/CDEV 
trouble-shooting, compression, virtual memory, disk activity, 
security, media formatting and device support have all been 
implemented &/or remedied independent of the vendor in the past. 
Sometimes this is matched or surpassed by a later built-in facility.

OS X, as a UNIX family member, provides a much better experience in 
this context, as many tried-and-true tools require little or no 
effort to port. Sometimes only a GUI needs to be wrapped around a 
command to share its capabilities with all. The opportunity to 
harvest the fruits of thousands of talented individuals is innate to 

As needs, deficiencies and failings are identified, so there are 
efforts to provide, enhance and fix same. One can sit and carp, 
sniping at the perceived glitch of the moment. Or can marvel as the 
whole lifts one's computing experience. Or one can contribute, by 
action or suggestion, to the enrichment of same. Have you reported 
the bugs you declaim to Apple? Or checked out Randy B. Singer's page? 
Or looked in at MacUpdate? MacFixIt? MacInTouch? MacOSXHints? Have 
you tried out Terminal? Used Fink? Done a little AppleScripting? Or a 
lot? Read the tomes from the Ray family or David Pogue?

Many see the constant cycle of improvement as a glass that's perhaps 
three-quarters filled.

Some believed that at OS 9 their cup runneth over. They, I presume, 
continue to enjoy that advantageas they immerse themselves in that, 
to them, superior environment. More power to 'em. OS X suits the 
sensibilities and workflow of others of us. And it improves. And 
Classic works. And _it_ improves.

So much of the Macintosh experience has been the maintenance of a 
superior interface and a user-centric thrust while constantly 
pursuing better computing. In that light, OS X is part of the 
journey. The ultimate goal is perhaps transparency of computing. As 
one wishes, so be it. But in so many ways the Macintosh path has been 
more rewarding and true to the goal than the alternatives. From Lisa 
to now, there've been many initiatives that have not been pursued to 
their best potential or areas that were overlooked. But it remains 
business. It's been business. And Jobs' Apple seems to have regained 
the knack for doing good business while carrying computing forward. 
See my sig. Thanks, Eugene.
With OS X, Apple was able to achieve one of the holy grails of the 
computing industry: make a grandma-proof desktop Unix box.
  - Eugene Lee

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