[X Newbies] Disappearing files

Michael Winter michael-winter at uiowa.edu
Tue Jun 17 06:17:30 PDT 2003

On Tuesday, June 17, 2003, at 07:37  AM, Vincent Cayenne wrote:

> At 6:59a -0400 2003.06.17, Stephen Foster wrote:
>> On my wife's iBook (10.1.5) there is no 'Repair Permissions" button 
>> in Disk Utility. Does this show up only in 10.2.x
> Yes, only in Jag...

Of course I can't find it now, but didn't Apple (or was it a 3rd party) 
have a stand-alone app to repair permissions prior to the release of 

If we can find that, it may help.


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