[X Newbies] Mac Mail Question

Vincent Cayenne vcayenne at mac.com
Thu Jun 19 08:54:43 PDT 2003

At 10:30a -0400 2003.06.19, Florin Alexander Neumann wrote:
>  surely the self-professed software entomologist (what could be more 
>post-modernist than that, I wonder?

As though the guy changed the world an average of 6.79 times per day 
or something. It's just my opinion that his understanding of the 
Mail.app is more than an order of magnitude more definitive than 
yours could possibly be regarded. To each his own, I guess...
It turns out that the real secret to success in the information age 
is what it always was -- reading, writing and arithmetic ... The 
Internet can make you smarter, but it can't make you smart.
  - Thomas L. Friedman

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