[X Newbies] DHCP lost after upgrade

aussieblnd aussieblnd at sbcglobal.net
Sun Jun 29 12:38:19 PDT 2003

Oh no   it's correct, I never even bothered with running the Setup when I
installed X, (The 2nd time)  the first time it would not go on the network
(DHCP) no matter what setting I used in TCP/IP.. I formatted and
re-installed X.. skipped right over  pretty much all of the set up.
Computer connectes to the network and internet through the DHCP with no
change and the current setting is PPP / DHCP connects just fine.and the G4
and G3 talk to each other just fine..I have noooo Idea why!

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> On Sunday, Jun 29, 2003, at 00:49 Canada/Eastern, aussieblnd wrote:
> > My G4  on dhcp connects uning TCP/IP to where the G3 uses PPP on DHCP
> Better double-check that. Unless you have some rather unusual
> configuration, you don't use PPP and DHCP on the same network port.
> f

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