[X Newbies] Backup Software (Was: Partitioning Drive?)

Florin Alexander Neumann alexn at ica.net
Thu May 22 11:33:37 PDT 2003

On Thursday, May 22, 2003, at 12:18 Canada/Eastern, Steven Rogers wrote:

> Probably because unix-like operating systems don't need the same kind 
> of recovery process that Windows needs.

That's not really the point. Consider the difference in Retrospect 
between Mac and Win versions.

Your drive is dead. On X: Locate your system software CDs or DVD. Boot 
off them, reinstall the system, reinstall Retrospect, restore the 
drive. On Win: Locate your disaster recovery disc (which you would keep 
with your backup set anyway). Boot off it, and restore the drive. There 
are a couple of restarts in-between, but they're managed automatically 
by Retrospect. I don't see why a decent backup tool shouldn't provide 
the same expediency on X, unix or no.


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