Strange iMac behavior

Mike Vicente mvicente at
Fri Nov 21 19:12:50 PST 2003

The key combination cmd-ctrl-opt-8 causes the screen to


On Fri, 21 Nov 2003, Mark Taintor wrote:
> I have a friend who's not on this list who's come down
> with a strange
> problem with his G3 iMac. Here's what he told me:
> keyboard nervously
> while speaking to my wife. I was waiting for a web page
> to appear on
> AOL. All my colors reversed. I am typing white letters on
> a black
> background right now! I went into screen effects, desk
> top, colors,
> calibrate, millions of colors, etc. Nothing worked. I
> reset about ten
> times. The colors are correct for two seconds, then
> change to this
> kind of "negative" looking theme.
> I formed another user, and the colors were fine, but all
> my files are
> on MY identity. Very odd problem. 
> I have an Imac G3 with 305megs of Ram and 10 Gigs of HD.
> OSX right of
> the box, first addition. No updates.
> </X-FONTSIZE></SMALLER>Any ideas about what's wrong with
> his machine?
> He can access his files now from a new user that he's
> created, but
> we're wondering if it's a symptom of something more
> serious.
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