[X Newbies] Dr. Bott Extendair

Glen McKnight glen.mcknight at ntlworld.com
Sun Oct 12 04:59:57 PDT 2003

> Good evening,
> Recently purchased the Dr. Bott extendair for my airport extreme base
> station.  There wasn't much to the directions so I just plugged it in.  I
> am noticing no change in any location from before.  I have reset the base
> station, restarted computers..nothing.  Am I missing a step to configuring
> this or is this it?  I purchased the omni directional.
> Thanks
> Tom
A couple of customers have reported they are not very good, one said he saw
no difference at all.
I posted something about airport extreme on 'X4U' recently, it appears
no-one seems to know about the add-ons, or problems associated with extreme.


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