default attachment file opener

J Patrick Draine draine at
Mon Oct 13 09:11:07 PDT 2003

Some time ago I downloaded Nisus Writer Express' demo. Somehow when it 
got installed it became the default app to open attachments sent to me. 
While it's *nice* that NWE has the capability to open various word 
processing files (though they open like molasses ), it's a royal pain 
to have the files present as Nisus files -- especially since the demo 
period expired! In the short run I downloaded the NWE demo again, but I 
need to know what I must toggle to correct this (I can't find an 
appropriate icon in System Preferences)! I had this happen before, but 
forgot what the fix was (and need to do it again)!
Patrick Draine
OS X 10.2.8

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