automatically disconnecting dial-up & crash on sleep

Deetya deetya at
Mon Sep 1 04:18:17 PDT 2003

> On Saturday, Aug 30, 2003, at 04:00 Canada/Eastern, Deetya wrote:
>> Is there a way to automatically disconnect a dial-up session?
> This is for Jaguar; I don't remember if it's the same in 10.1. Open 
> System Preferences and click Network. Choose Internal Modem from the 
> Show pop-up menu, click the PPP tab, and click PPP Options. Check the 
> "Disconnect if idle for __ minutes" option. Enter in the box the 
> desired number of idle minutes prior to disconnecting.

I did that. And it didn't do that... automatically disconnect from the 
Internet, I mean :-)

Does this mean that my system is somehow corrupted? Or is it just a 
preference corrupted somewhere? Or is something on my eMac or my ISP 
inadvertently or advertently ;-) sending packets?

On a totally unrelated note, is this inability to disconnect on dial-up 
related to crash on waking up from sleep? There's been several times 
that my eMac has crashed when sleeping (the power light is on, but the 
screen remains dark), or frozen when coming out of sleep. I even had a 
crash when waking up after I ran MacJanitor.

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