Virex question

Gregory Cortelyou chefgreg at
Tue Sep 9 07:06:21 PDT 2003

I have the Virex app installed courtesy of my .mac account and I seldom run
it. But I did do a scan of my home folder yesterday and it came up with a
report that stated I had 3 "possibly infected" files but gave no indication
what those files were. So this morning I ran another scan after checking the
box that says "clean any files infected with a virus". The report notes the
same 3 "possibly infected" files without naming them and then reports that
it has deleted 3 files. I still don't know which files they were or where
they came from. Anybody know how to dig deeper into this application? I
think it would be helpful for people to know which of their files were
infected or "possibly" infected with a virus. Maybe this app is too bare
bones and I should invest in a heavier one, though I don't spend a lot of
time worrying about viruses. 

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