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John Lowther j.lo at earthlink.net
Mon Sep 15 00:56:15 PDT 2003

i know this story thread has gone cold, but i wanted to report back 
about what had happened.

i bought a blue G3 and wanted, basically to mirror what i have on my 
flat screen iMac.  Randy Singer and many other suggested things. i 
followed Randy's advice and ordered a firewire cable and started up in 
target disc mode and all that.  1st, i wanted to say that it's a sweet 
way to move  stuff from one place to another, if i were moving nothing 
but documents of whatever sort that would be great i think.  but my 
problems were (are) somewhat larger i guess.

so, i installed OS X on the machine prior to getting that cable and 
being able to move stuff over.  now hardly anything seems to work 
right.  here's a brief litany about G3 problems;
__Modem won't connect to anything. back when it was running OS 9.2 the 
modem worked, i could get on line etc.  now i can't.
__AOL, which my significant other uses (i tease her about it tho) won't 
run right and she has been on the ohone with their tech support people 
for hours and hours.
__Classic won't start.
__Applications moved from iMac to G3 are *very* buggy and throw up lots 
of warnings telling me of missing folders and missing this or that or 
that things i have never heard  of will not be available (photoshop is 
the worst for this).

i feel like i need to start over. from the beginning. but i don't know 
where that is exactly.

now that i have the firewire cable and know about target disc mode and 
all that. can someone tell me how to safely  wipe the G3 of 
*everything* and shift all the iMac stuff over to it. or if that isn't 
doable then tell me to give up and stick the G3 in the closet with my 
unicycle and clarinet and all the other stuff i can't do?


On Monday, September 1, 2003, at 06:07  PM, Randy B. Singer wrote:

> John Lowther said:
>>    "FireWire Target Disk Mode works on internal ATA drives only. 
>> Target
>> Disk Mode only connects to the master ATA drive on the Ultra ATA bus.
>> It will not connect to Slave ATA, ATAPI or SCSI drives. "
>>     doesn't the G3 have a SCSI drive?  (i know the seller included
>> "SCSI Card 2906 for Power Macintosh)
>> all of this is compounded confusion-wise by looking at  the back of 
>> the
>> machine where i see what sure do look like a pair of firewire ports
>> just like on the back of my iMac.
>> the firewire method sounds great and relatively easy, all of which is
>> perfect for me. if i was connected with firewire could i then download
>> the relevant updates from apple and send them over to the G3... (i
>> havent done anything yet to get the G3 web or mail worthy)
> I have a blue & white G3 myself, and its internal drive is a SCSI 
> drive.
>  I regularly boot my Powerbook G4 into FireWire Target Disk mode, with 
> it
> attached to my G3 via a FireWire cable, and the G4 PB's drive shows up 
> on
> the desktop of my G3 and I can copy anything that I want to back and
> forth between the two machines via drag and drop.
> Don't be afraid.  The procedure that I outlined is much easier than it
> sounds and it is dead easy to transfer files back and forth when they 
> are
> connected this way.  Try it.
> Randy B. Singer
> Co-Author of: The Macintosh Bible (4th, 5th and 6th editions)
> How To Deal With Common Macintosh OS X Jaguar Problems
> http://www.macattorney.com/tutorial.html

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