[X Newbies] upgrading

J themacintoshlady at earthlink.net
Mon Sep 15 06:37:12 PDT 2003

On Monday, September 15, 2003, at 03:56  AM, John Lowther wrote:

> __AOL, which my significant other uses (i tease her about it tho) 
> won't run right and she has been on the ohone with their tech support 
> people for hours and hours.

Do you have the latest version of AOL for X?

> __Applications moved from iMac to G3 are *very* buggy and throw up 
> lots of warnings telling me of missing folders and missing this or 
> that or that things i have never heard  of will not be available 
> (photoshop is the worst for this).

Did you reinstall those from original disks?

> i feel like i need to start over. from the beginning. but i don't know 
> where that is exactly.

Wipe it and install 9 then 10 again. What version of 10? I wouldn't 
recommend anything before 10.2.4

> now that i have the firewire cable and know about target disc mode and 
> all that. can someone tell me how to safely  wipe the G3 of 
> *everything* and shift all the iMac stuff over to it. or if that isn't 
> doable then tell me to give up and stick the G3 in the closet with my 
> unicycle and clarinet and all the other stuff i can't do?

Using OS 9 disk start up with it and use Drive Setup to wipe the drive 
then install 9.
Update to 9.2.2 if you're going to put X on there.
Use the Update Control Panel to get the rest of the pieces.
Then install X, simple as that.

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