[X Newbies] upgrading

John Lowther j.lo at earthlink.net
Mon Sep 15 21:56:54 PDT 2003

thanks. i'll start looking at this tomorrow i hope.
also, i don't insist on using firewire and target disk. that is simply 
what was suggested to me here as the easiest way to move a bunch of 
applications and such over.  i'm not attached to any one method just 
trying to make one machine mirror the other in most respects if 
networking would do i would be happy to learn how (tho i am broker than 
broke right now so it'd have to wait).
the OS troubles all started after installing OS X.2 on top (i thought) 
of OS 9.2, but as i mentioned classic (which is 9.2 right?) won't 
launch now -- where did it go -- etc etc

On Monday, September 15, 2003, at 06:29  PM, Florin Alexander Neumann 

> On Monday, Sep 15, 2003, at 03:56 Canada/Eastern, John Lowther wrote:
>> i feel like i need to start over. from the beginning. but i don't 
>> know where that is exactly.
>> now that i have the firewire cable and know about target disc mode 
>> and all that. can someone tell me how to safely  wipe the G3 of 
>> *everything* and shift all the iMac stuff over to it.
> In a nutshell, you can't. Not the way you've tried (it looks like 
> you've just copied files in Finder, which will not work in OS X). Your 
> problem is that the G3 can't start in FW target mode, only the iMac 
> can. When you do that, the iMac functions like an external drive 
> attached to the G3, and you can't duplicate the OS from the iMac on 
> the G3.
> There are several solutions you can try; but, since you insist on 
> using FW, here's what I recommend:
> (1) Re-install OS X on the G3 (I assume you're using some version of 
> OS X 10.2). Boot your G3 from the OS X CD-ROM, and, prior to 
> installing, partition the G3's drive in two volumes (neither partition 
> should be less than 5 GB; at least one should be large enough to hold 
> the data from the iMac). Install OS X on the smaller partition. Create 
> user accounts with the same names and passwords as on the iMac.
> (2) Hook up your two Macs and boot with the iMac in FW target mode.
> (3) Use a dedicated utility (such as Carbon Copy Cloner, Retrospect, 
> etc.) to duplicate the iMac's hard drive to the larger of the G3's two 
> partitions. That's very important; trying to copy in Finder will not 
> work correctly.
> (4) Set your startup disk to the partition which is the duplicate of 
> the iMac drive and reboot. Once you are sure everything works, you can 
> delete the OS X software from the other partition, or, I'd suggest, 
> keep it as an emergency boot partition.
> f
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