Word OS X permission issues

Ben Gold bgold at acedsl.com
Sun Sep 21 14:40:02 PDT 2003

My boss has an interesting re-occuring problem using Word on OS X 
10.2 on a G4 titanium powerbook.

On numerous occasions he has been unable to save a document because 
"he does not have permissions" or the file is "in use by another 
user", but usually it's the permissions thing.

There is no way to save anything - you can open new documents, paste 
the contents in, and it still won't save.

However, if you select the whole document, select copy, then quit, it 
will ask you if you want to save the clipboard contents.  Then you 
can restart Word, open a new document, paste the clipboard in, and 

Anyone had these sorts of problems with Word?

We have a fileserver here at work, and it may be related to that, but 
the document he's working on is on his local drive.  It may be that 
the error only occurs when he's using other documents off the sever, 
I'm not sure.

The server is Mac OS X server 10.2.

Any ideas?


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