[X Newbies] OT? Cable modem recommendation

J themacintoshlady at earthlink.net
Mon Sep 22 11:02:20 PDT 2003

On Monday, September 22, 2003, at 01:44  PM, Stuart Joshua Holt wrote:

> Now I have a SurfBoard SB 2100. It's got to be at least 3-4 years old. 
> I
> have had a few connectivity problems. Do you think it's time for me to
> ask Comcast to replace/update the cable modem now? I lease it via my
> monthly cable billing statement.

The problems I have had, have always proven to be something on their 
end or that only they could control.
For a while I was getting weird errors and no satisfaction.

Then, when my cable wires were cut at the street the first time, I had 
them out here. When the technician came to see what was wrong, he also 
checked out my cellar and saw that it was not the most best install and 
once he fixed the wires down there, all my Emailer false errors went 
away! So in a way, the cutting of the wires was fortuitous for me, 
because those errors were a long time sore spot with me and Comcast -- 
with Comcast  always blaming me and my 'unsupported' email client, 
which of course was ridiculous. It worked perfectly immediately after 
he fixed the 'mickey mouse' install that I'd been using for years. (his 

So have them check that out first.

The last time my cable was cut, the came here with a new modem under 
his arm..and I said, nope, not the modem, go see your wires at the 
street. Sure enough I was cut once again.

So the Mac, the modem, and the Email client have never been at fault.
You could inquire about your 2100 being able to handle the upgrade. I 
think they now just take the address of the modem and not the computers 
like before, and that makes it easier to run computers off a hub.

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