[X Newbies] OSX not dial-up friendly

Kevin Stevens Kevin_Stevens at pursued-with.net
Wed Sep 24 18:19:52 PDT 2003

On Wednesday, Sep 24, 2003, at 17:16 US/Pacific, Eugene Lee wrote:

> But you are stubborn.  :-)

Once I'm satisfied our respective points are clear, I don't give a damn 
how wrong you are.  ;)  That's what keeps it from being an argument.

> If the user understands, why the need for an overt acknowledgement?

Because that's how the message "I understand" is conveyed - the 
authorization process, properly speaking.  Of course the message is 
actually "I say I understand", which may not be the same thing.  :)

> That's like asking for the admin password every time you wanted to
> change the screen resolution.  Or have we forgotten the lessons of
> the Public Beta?

Nope, I wasn't suggesting that this be required on a per-instance 
basis.  Creating a script or adding a button are one-time per user 

> Installing an app may alter system files on your local machine.  But
> connecting to and disconnecting from the Internet isn't so severe and
> doesn't really alter system files.  Why equate the two tasks?  They
> don't even have the same perils.

Because are both system actions in the sense that they have 
implications beyond the immediate and obvious.

> Recognition does not invalidate the desire for automation.


> You know, you can set up PPP access to automatically get a dialup
> connection when an app needs Internet access.  Strangely, some users
> forget this little checkbox once they've done so and sometimes wonder
> why their computers might suddenly dial the modem during odd hours.
> Other users have no problem with it.  So what if automated PPP access
> affects the entire system.  It is also part of every consumer OS and is
> considered a standard feature.  And it doesn't need admin privileges.

It should, actually, to enable in the first place (doesn't it?).  And 
those preference panels do have locks on them.

> Automatically closing an Internet connection has no more danger, peril,
> or grave responsibility to system resources than opening an Internet
> connection.  It's the reverse function to a standard OS feature.  And I
> still don't see the big deal.

Oh, I *totally* disagree with that!  If you try and open a connection 
and it's already present, there's no effect on other entities using 
those resources.  If you unilaterally close it, you've just yanked the 
rug out from under those entities.

But at some point this isn't a Newbies thread - I'm about ready to end 
it if you are.


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