IE/OE vs. Safari/Mail

Dale Critchley dale at
Tue Apr 6 09:40:59 PDT 2004

As I prepare for my eMac's arrival, I've been trying to decide between
Apple's & Microsoft's internet suites. Is there a comparison feature chart
somewhere? Note: I don't have Office nor Entourage.

Can Mail import messages & subfolders from OE 5? What about mail rules? I
have a huge list of rules that I would rather not have to reproduce, but I
like the "threads" feature of Mail (Saw it at How well does that
feature work?

Are a lot of useful AppleScripts available for Mail? I use a lot fo them
with OE.

I'm trying to figure this out in advance, especially the mail part, since I
want all my mail in one spot, not all over the place. (I may end up using
both browsers for different reasons, but I'm curious, besides speed, what
the differences are.)

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