Panther upgrade - reinstalling third-party apps.

Kevin Stevens kevin_stevens at
Fri Apr 9 14:34:06 PDT 2004

This is a stale problem - i looked at it months ago, didn't find a 
resolution, and am just now getting back to it.

I have two OS X machines - a 17" PB and a G5.  Both came with Jaguar, 
plus several third-party applications and demos (Intuit and Omni come 
to mind) installed in the Applications folder.  On both systems I wiped 
the disks and did a fresh partitioning/installation of Panther.  My own 
program installations (Office, etc.) were backed up and restored, as I 
keep them in a separate location, but because I wasn't using any of the 
third-party apps at the time, I neglected to back them up.  These apps 
didn't come with the Panther upgrade and were lost.

The question now is - how do I recover these applications onto a 
Panther installation without fouling it up?  I have the original Jaguar 
install DVDs for both machines.  If I put the G5 DVD in and open it, I 
have "Install Mac OS X", and "Install Applications and Classic 
Support", the latter looking more like what I want.  However, if I run 
that app, while it gives me a standard app installer sequence, it only 
allows for a "basic installation of this software package".  Frankly, 
I'm afraid to proceed without better information as to what it's going 
to install where.

Can anyone validate if this is the correct approach/package, or suggest 
an alternative method?



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