[X Newbies] Mail questions

Dale Critchley dale at infinityltd.org
Tue Apr 13 14:41:26 PDT 2004

On 4/13/04 11:17 AM, Charles Martin, for whom Jesus died for the complete
forgiveness of all sins, wrote from chasm at mac.com saying:

> Short answer: you don't. You've managed to compile a handy list of
> Mail's shortcomings. If those things are important to you, either wait
> for the next major version of Mail (which I wish would hurry up!) or
> switch to an alternative like Eudora, which TTBOMK handles all of the
> above.

<sigh> Okay, a few more questions, then, since the next upgrade will
probably be another $100 for OS X 10.4:

I imported my mail from OE, but it put all the stuff from OE's inbox in a
separate folder. I want it in Mail's inbox, but it won't let me by dragging.
How do I move messages to the inbox?

Is there a separate freeware app that allows reading mail on the server?

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