[X Newbies] OT: "Propaganda"

Steven Rogers srogers1 at austin.rr.com
Wed Apr 14 21:10:09 PDT 2004

On Apr 14, 2004, at 3:50 PM, Charles Martin wrote:

>> From: Alex <alist at sprint.ca>
>> Off-topic: As a mere subscriber, may I suggest to our American fellow
>> subscribers that using sigs to push their political or religious
>> propaganda may be unwelcome (or even offensive) to (some) 
>> non-Americans?
> Luckily, us American members have a guarantee of freedom of speech 
> that we hold dear and dare not compromise -- it's one of the few 
> rights we have left!

Apparently - since you've decided we don't have the right to set the 
topic of discussion list.  Freedom of Speech means freedom from 
*government* control of your speech - it doesn't mean that you can 
hijack a discussion list for your own purposes.

> It is that level of patriotism that forces me to expose the lies and 
> deception of the present administration, whose actions affect everyone 
> (including those outside the US). Believe me, it doesn't make me happy 
> to admit that my country is totally in the wrong these days.

Its that level of total disrespect for the moderator and members of the 
list that leads you to abuse the list for your own purposes.

> However, as I've said many times, I rotate my sigs periodically and 
> they are not always on a political bent.

OK - so you're not abusing the list with every post - just when you 
feel like it.

>  Having been approached nicely about it, I'd be happy to switch to a 
> generic "Mac-oriented" bit of propaganda for a while if others will 
> also take down their religious/political propaganda. Variety, after 
> all, is the spice of life.

We've already been through this numerous times with your "signatures" - 
so I hope everyone noticed the "for a while" qualifier and realizes 
that you literally mean that you'll stop doing it until you feel like 
doing it again.


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