[X Newbies] OT: "Propaganda"

verduron verduron at comcast.net
Thu Apr 15 04:05:22 PDT 2004

On Apr 14, 2004, at 9:23 PM, Alex wrote:

> We all have our concerns. I'm concerned about global warming, the 
> destruction of the Danube Delta and the Caspian, the plight of Serb 
> refugees from Krajina and Kosovo, ethnic cleansing in Darfour and 
> colonialism in Xinjiang and Tibet, the destruction of scholarship in 
> public universities and the starving of funds of public health care, 
> and so on. But my fellow subscribers, who come here to talk Mac, have 
> as much right to be free of having my concerns forced upon them, as I 
> have to be free of having yours forced upon me.
> f

Glad you were able to use this list to express your political concerns.

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