[X Newbies] OS X Panther Partition Size and Swap Space

Alex alist at sprint.ca
Mon Apr 19 15:36:30 PDT 2004

On Monday, Apr 19, 2004, at 17:36 Canada/Eastern, matblack at mac.com 

> Unless something has changed that I'm unaware of, having multiple 
> versions of  OS9 is a way bad...

Under "Classic" Mac OS (v9.x or earlier), one should only have a single 
System Folder on a given volume (but on a given machine one may have 
several System Folders, as long as they are on separate volumes). This 
limitation may be bypassed by using various utilities which "bless" a 
particular System Folder.

Under OS X, one may have more than one System Folder (not System 
folder!) on the same volume, although only one may be active at any one 
time. Before using Classic, one of them must be selected in the Classic 

In fact, under OS X it may even be a good idea two have two System 
Folders, one with a minimum set of extensions and drivers to be used 
for Classic, another with a full set of extensions to be used to boot 
the machine (obviously, this doesn't apply to Macs which can only boot 
in OS X).


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