OS X Panther Partition Size and Swap Space

Al Poulin alpoulin at cox.net
Thu Apr 22 10:38:21 PDT 2004

I started this thread thinking the idea of setting up a separate partition
for OS X swap space will not survive.  It did not, thanks to you guys.  I
very much appreciate the thought provoking answers from Mike, Alex, Randy,
and Kirk, all on the same day.

Now what partitions on two hard drives will I have?  I'm sending the list a
separate e-mail with a volume map for this question.

On 19 Apr 2004 14:25:28 -0500, Michael Winter <winter at mac.com> wrote:
> On Apr 19, 2004, at 1:53 PM, Al Poulin wrote:
>> Should I set up a partition for Panther swap space?  I have the
>> instructions
> Do you really need to partition? The reason I ask is because "how big?"
> always seems to be the first question, but the question that needs
> answering first is "why partition?" There's no way to answer "how big"
> until you know why you're partitioning and therefor what's going on
> each partition. Personally, I see partitioning a drive (especially if
> being done for a separate swap partition) as something that only needs
> to be done in very specific circumstances. I'd recommend just leaving
> your OS X drive as one big partition.

OK, no OS X swap partition.
>> I am planning to repartition one of my two hard drives on a
>> QuickSilver G4
>> 733 to install Panther.  I could reinstall OS 9.2.2 which I been using
>> for a
>> couple years or just leave it on the other drive.
> I would either leave it on the other drive or do both. Doing "both"
> gives you a clean OS 9 install to use for Classic (if you need that)
> while the install on the other drive is nice to have for times when you
> may need to boot into OS 9 (if that's a consideration) -though there's
> nothing to prevent you from having more than one copy of OS 9 on the
> same drive or partition.

I see OS 9 for booting on one drive and OS X on the second drive with a
mini-version of OS 9 there for Classic.  I will avoid two copies of OS 9 on
the same partition, according to the old convention.
>> The apps and data will
>> all be on other volumes, I hope.
> Having apps on a different volume is going to take a little extra
> housekeeping -especially where Software Update is concerned. Assuming
> you're a relative newbie (this is a newbies list) I wouldn't recommend
> this. Having data on a different partition or drive is less of a
> problem as long as you're not worried about permissions (set it to
> ignore permissions on that drive or partition). There are ways to set
> all this up, but I'd be very sure you want to go through the hassle
> before you do it.

I'll keep OS X apps and data in the OS X volume.

19 Apr 2004 16:42:11 -0400, Alex <alist at sprint.ca> wrote:
> Meddling with the swap space is, IMHO, not a good idea for newbies.
> (I'm not implying Al is one, merely that this is the focus of the
> list.) If one understands the issues involved, one is, ipso facto, not
> a newbie.
Yes, I am an OS X Newbie, sorry if I confused Alex.  It's just that I've
been reading and thinking about the real and possible issues of finally
making a slow transiton from OS 9 to OS X.
> In OS X , it's not a good idea to have apps on a separate partition
> from the boot partition.
It's nice to see you guys agreeing on this.  Along with Randy's web link
saying that data files are not usually subject to fragmentation as with OS
9, I'm convinced.

On 20 Apr 2004 08:43:36 +0200, Kirk McElhearn <kirklists at wanadoo.fr> wrote:

> On 4/20/04 12:36 AM, "Alex" <alist at sprint.ca> wrote:
>> In fact, under OS X it may even be a good idea two have two System
>> Folders, one with a minimum set of extensions and drivers to be used
>> for Classic, another with a full set of extensions to be used to boot
>> the machine (obviously, this doesn't apply to Macs which can only boot
>> in OS X).
> Agreed. If you plan to boot in OS 9 (as opposed to Classic) it's a good idea
> to have two System Folders.
So I'll have a minimal OS 9.2.2 in the OS X Panther hard drive for Classic.
The other hard drive will have the "boot" OS 9.2.2.

I think all this gives me an excellent direction to follow.  I'll show my
tentative partitioning plan to the list in a separate e-mail.

Many thanks,

Al Poulin
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