[X Newbies] Property List Editor

Alex alist at sprint.ca
Sun Apr 25 22:54:00 PDT 2004

On Monday, Apr 26, 2004, at 00:16 Canada/Eastern, Vincent Cayenne wrote:

> At 8:58 PM -0700 4/25/04, Luther A. Myrvold wrote:
>> [...] I cannot find the Property List Editor
>> anywhere.  Does it really exist?  If so, where?
> You'd need to install the Developer Tools...

Or at least extract it, and it's probably not worth the bother. You can 
open/edit com.apple.Safari.plist (and other XML files) with any text 
editor, though one like BBEdit, which does syntax colouring, would be 
better. Examine it carefully after you open it, and you'll quickly 
understand how it is structured.


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