Modem Test in X

Jon Warms jwarms at
Fri Apr 30 06:53:04 PDT 2004

On Apr 29, 2004, Bob Geiger wrote:

> I connect with a cable modem and want to test the built in modem on my
> G4. Is there a modem test in the terminal ap?

Wait a minute! The built-in modem is for telephone connections, at 

The cable modem is for digital cable to ethernet, which is completely 
Just connect a data cable (Cat 5 ethernet) from the cable modem to the 

Only use the "built in modem" for dial-up connections. (BTW, note that 
connector on your G4 is a four wire RJ11 jack; though the cable modem
connector looks almost the same, it isn't. It's a six conductor RJ45 


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