[X-Newbies] Game Opens to EULA, Fails in User Acc'ts

Al Poulin alpoulin at cox.net
Fri Dec 31 18:01:41 PST 2004

Hello all:

How can I make a game application open in the admin account without 
seeing the EULA.  How can I make it open in the user accounts?

Running OS X 10.3.7 on QuickSilver G4/733.  Ran Repair Permissions 
after getting the problem.

I installed four games for the grandkids, Zoo Tycoon with Marine Mania 
expansion set, Harry Potter (2 games), and Finding Nemo.  In the Admin 
account, all run fine, but the Zoo Tycoon opens only with the license 
agreement statement each time saying:  "This product will not run on  
your computer until you accept the terms of the EULA."  After hitting 
the accept button, the next message requests the insertion of the 
Marine Mania CD.

In the user accounts, all except Zoo Tycoon run.  The error message is: 
  "Zoo Tycoon cannot be played from a locked or write protected volume.  
You may want to re-install Zoo Tycoon on an unlocked volume to fix this 

OK, the volume is unlocked and not write protected.  In the admin 
account, the Get Info window for the application icon shows the Locked 
box unchecked.  In the Ownership & Permissions with Details all entries 
show Read & Write, except that the Owner and Group entries are greyed 
out as long as the padlock is closed.  This looks normal compared to 
other 3rd party apps.  But in the user accounts, all entries are greyed 
out for Zoo Tycoon, while the entries for other apps look normal.

Thanks in advance,

Al Poulin
Anger, hate, and revenge are for the devil, forgiveness is for God, 
proactive self-defense is for the rest of us.

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