updating to Panther on new HD

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I was just wondering, if you are suggesting doing a clean install of
Panther on the new drive, what is the point of installing jaguar on it
even if you are using carbon copy cloner?  Is that not just a waste of


No, because you get your user setup and most of your application 
registrations set up for you. You just have to drag some of them from 
the "previous system".

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:>This is actually a good way to do it.
:>1. Clone your Jaguar installation onto the new disk using
:Carbon Copy Cloner.
:>2. Do either an upgrade or a clean install of panther onto the new
:>disk.  Many people recommend clean install, but I've done it both
:>ways and the upgrade install is much easier. If you're having
:>problems in Jaguar, the clean install is safer.
:>3. Set startup disk to the new disk and you should be in business.
:>This way avoids the setup of user prefs that can be fairly
:>4. When you're happy with Panther (which will be quickly!), you can
:>upgrade your other disk too. That gives you two installations, which
:>is a big help if you ever have problems; you can switch to the other
:>one and run disk utilities form it.

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