Battery and applecare

Maria Paulia Belgado powgirly at
Wed Feb 18 21:05:58 PST 2004

Hi all

First,  I have general questions about laptop batteries, particularly 
the Powerbook aluminum g4:

1) I mostly use my powerbook at home and don't plan on taking it around 
with me yet. Should I run the machine on the adapter all the time? Or 
Is it better to keep charging the battery all the way and use up all 
the power, then charge it all the way again?

2) Can I use up part of the battery and then plug in the power at 
anytime, or will this harm my battery?

3) What is the prescribed way to "use" the powerbook, in terms of power 
and shutting down? I heard you should just put it to sleep when you're 
not using it (like when you're going to sleep at night). Should you 
leave it on 24 hours a day?

4) Any general tips on battery care?

Next, about Applecare:  I am also a first time Apple and Laptop owner. 
Is it worth it to get the additional Applecare? I heard that laptops 
(hardware) will start to get clunky after the first year and having 
your laptop repaired (apple, especially) can be VERY expensive. I am 
interested in getting Apple care, BUT I am also leaving  the United 
States at the end of the year (which also happens to be the end of the 
1 year warranty for my powerbook) and relocate to Asia. Will Applecare 
cover my powerbook when I leave the US? What happens at the end of the 
2 year extended warranty?

Thanks, I hope someone can enlighten me on these issues.

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