[X Newbies] Battery and applecare

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Apple care is great but I do not think it covers disposable's (batteries)
But you do need it after plunking down big bucks for apple products, it does
not cost that much.
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 There are so many theories about batteries and preserving the life. If
this is true, and I am not saying it's not, why isn't there more common
knowledge of it? I have not heard the half charge thing before.
As far as the original poster's concern over AppleCare, I would not be
without it on any new Mac. Especially a PowerBook.  The cost of the
AppleCare can be justified in one repair alone. . In 3 days it was gone and
back. One thing, make sure you have a good backup plan and keep the backup
up to date. Apple will charge for backing up your data if you don't have

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