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> What model of Mavica? My wife's school camera is an FDMavica which
> allegedly is not compatible. However, since upgrading to Panther (maybe
> it was even the 10.3.2 upgrade that did it) I have found that if I plug
> the camera into to the Mac, set the camera to Play, then power it up
> and insert a floppy 99% of the time the floppy shows right up on the
> desktop. The 1% of the time that it does not if I eject the floppy and
> then reinsert it into the camera I find that it then works.  No extra
> drivers required.

How do you plug it in?  I have an FDMavica and I can't figure out where or
how I would plug it into my Tibook.  Would I use the "Audio/Video Out" and,
if so, where would I then plug that into my Ti?  Because I would love to be
able to use this camera with my Mac (I bought the camera when I was on a


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