[X-Newbies] Safari

Michael Winter winter at mac.com
Thu Nov 18 11:24:46 PST 2004

On Nov 18, 2004, at 12:35 PM, Sue Rodriguez wrote:

> I use—and really like—Safari, except for the annoying memo that 
> appears every 15 minutes to ask if you want to remain online.  I have 
> tried to locate somewhere to turn it off, but can’t.  Can anyone tell 
> me if it is possible to turn this off and where the mechanism is?

I don't think that's Safari's doing, its part of the modem setup. Open 
up your System Preferences (if its not in the Dock it will be under the 
Apple menu) then go to the Network preference panel (its one of those 
listed at the top).

If it's not already selected, select "Internal Modem" from the second 
pull-down menu near the top, then click on the "PPP Options..." button 
near the bottom. In the set of options that appear, the second checkbox 
down says "Prompt every 15 minutes to maintain connection" (I'm 
assuming yours says 15, it could be a different number).

You can either increase the time before it asks, or deselect it to have 
it stop asking completely.

Hope this helps.


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