[X-Newbies] Download Manager

Aldo Johnson Deetya at cbn.net.id
Sun Oct 10 21:58:57 PDT 2004

Oops, sorry for being too vague.

This is downloading through via the web. Regular things, like the 0.8 
version of Camino, for example. With my bad phone line, I would 
usually probably need one hour or so to download it. Even then, I 
might get disconnected after, say, 20 minutes. At which time I have 
to restart the download all over again.

With a download manager, hopefully even after being disconnected, I 
can simply reconnect, and the download manager would resume 
downloading from whatever point it was disconnected from.

I actually got Platypus. Unfortunately, i tried downloading some 
"large" 2Mb movies, and they won't play. I don't know what's wrong, 
but Quicktime says that the movies are not readable. I tried 
downloading the movies the usual way, and they did play, the part 
that got downloaded anyway.

Any other Mac-listas with bad phone lines? What's your experience 
with downloading?

Thanks in advance.

>I'm not the person to ask about this kind of stuff.  But it might help
>if you mentioned what kind of downloading you do.  Is this downloading
>done via web, ftp, irc, nntp/Usenet, or one of many file sharing apps?
>Eugene Lee
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