[X-Newbies] Re: Epson C82 printer problems 1st. time in OS X.

Charles Martin chasm at mac.com
Mon Apr 4 17:30:28 PDT 2005

> From: Brian Durant <globetrotterdk at gmail.com>
> Having just got my G5 running today, I have been trying to set up my
> Epson C82 printer. I installed the Epson OS X driver from the original
> disk, chose "print" in Safari and tried to add a new printer. No
> drivers detected at all. I downloaded the epson10503.sea update and
> installed it. Still no printer drivers listed. What gives? Yes, I did
> try some of the different categories and my printer is plugged in.
> Something should show up, right?

Having just had this exact same problem, you're going to be amazed at 
the answer.

By installing the Epson driver from the disk, you overwrote the one 
that was already built into the system, and the one on the disk (and 
the one from the website) are no good.

You must now load your System install discs, deselect everything but 
the Epson drivers (pick whichever one supports the C82) and allow that 
to install, then restart. Doh!


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