[X-Newbies] Re: iMac - audio input

Michele Forrester macuzr at insightbb.com
Thu Apr 28 12:10:06 PDT 2005

On 4/28/05 Alex wrote:
>But of course, that's not enough. Because, to restore the audio 
>signal correctly, the RIAA equalization also needs to be applied to 
>the phono signal.
>With the iMic/Final Vinyl, the process goes roughly like this:
>phono signal -> iMic (ADC -> preamp) -> digital signal -> RIAA -> audio file
>With the dedicated system it goes like this:
>phono signal -> phono preamp (-> RIAA) -> iMic (-> ADC) -> digital 
>signal -> audio file
>The difference may appear minor, but it's actually crucial for sound 
>quality when you take into consideration what's involved.
>So, can you get sound directly from the average turntable to the 
>iMic? Sure, with the correct interconnects, no problem. What is a 
>problem is the sound quality obtained like this. Maybe it's better 
>than tapping the sound from the headphone output, but, if it is, 
>it's not by much. So, if you care about your music, you definitely 
>do not want to connect the iMic to the turntable rather than the 
>phono stage preamp.

Ok, incoming stupid question...what IS a preamp?? I have a turntable 
attached to a stereo system...is the stereo system like a preamp? In 
otherwords, you wouldn't want to attach this to JUST a phonograph - 
using it like speakers, you would want to connect it to the setup 
with speakers, etc.? Or am I not understanding?

Thanks for clarifying...I appreciate it as I am going to be doing this soon!


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