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On 4/28/05 3:10 PM, "Michele Forrester" <macuzr at insightbb.com> wrote:

> Ok, incoming stupid question...what IS a preamp?? I have a turntable
> attached to a stereo system...is the stereo system like a preamp? In
> otherwords, you wouldn't want to attach this to JUST a phonograph -
> using it like speakers, you would want to connect it to the setup
> with speakers, etc.? Or am I not understanding?
> Thanks for clarifying...I appreciate it as I am going to be doing this soon!
> Michele

OK the preamp(lifier) is a device that produces a "line Level" output. This
is a higher output than a phonocartridge but lower than the power level for

If your stereo has connectors that say "audio out" or "headphone out" you
are in the right ballpark. Except that "audio out" may be a constant level,
while the headphone output may need to be adjusted with the volume control
to a low enough level. A preamp also adjusts the frequency response of the
system to compensate for known irregularities in the phono cartridge.

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